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    Brentwood Police Department

    Posted Dec 05, 2018

    The Brentwood Police Department is accepting applications for a full-time Police Sergeant.   

    To be eligible, candidates must have a minimum of three years full-time law enforcement and patrol experience, possess a current New Hampshire driver’s license, possess a high school diploma, be free of any major discipline violations for the past five years, and already be certified by the State of NH or other accepted police certifications.  The ideal candidate will possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and be results oriented.  Interested candidates should submit their applications, cover letters and resumes to Chief Ellen M. Arcieri, Brentwood Police Department, 1 Dalton Road, Brentwood, N.H.  03833 or

    General Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Assists the Police Chief and Captain in formulating policies and regulations for the department; serves as acting Chief in the absence of the Chief and Captain.
    2. Instructs and trains new police officers and assists them concerning difficult police problems and cases.
    3. Performs all work required of a police officer.
    4. Responsible for the proficiency, discipline, conduct, appearance, and strict attention to duty of all Patrol Officers.
    5. Supervises the Patrol Officers assigned to them.
    6. Be thoroughly familiar with the current departmental rules, policies, procedures, and development in the law affecting the Sergeants and Patrol Officers.
    7. Prepares reports on a variety of police department activities.
    8. Continuously reviews the performance of the Patrol Officers to determine whether they are properly effectively and consistently carrying out their patrol duties.  Submit a written report to the Captain regarding any member of the department who continue to violate department regulations, or where corrective measures prove inadequate.  Include in such report the complete details of the violations and corrective measures attempted. 
    9. Implement all orders received from the Captain.  To this end, thoroughly explain to departmental personnel under their command the content of new orders that affect their responsibilities.
    10. Ensure that when police performance of an officer under his command is unsatisfactory, measures are taken through encouragement, explanation, referral to his superior officer or other means consistent with departmental policy to see that the officer’s future conduct is up to standard.  
    11. Instructs and trains new Patrol Officers and assists them concerning difficult police problems and cases.
    12. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chief or Captain.  

    Knowledge, Skill and Abilities:

    1. Thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations of the department.
    2. Thorough knowledge of approved principles, practices, and procedures of police work.
    3. Thorough knowledge of pertinent state laws, municipal ordinances and court decisions.
    4. Thorough knowledge of the geography of municipality and locations of important buildings.
    5. Ability to command respect of the Patrol Officers and assign, direct and supervise their work.
    6. Ability to analyze complex police problems and situations and to adopt quick, effective, and implement a reasonable course of action.
    7. Skill in the use of firearms.

    Education and Experience

    High school diploma (college degree preferred), current New Hampshire driver’s license, serving at least three years as a Patrol Officer per the Brentwood Police Department policy.  Free of any major discipline violations for five years.