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Brentwood Police update to posting on social media Elder Abuse Case

Brentwood Police Department

Posted Sat, Jul 07 at 10:35am

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In light of reviewing the recent comments regarding the Elder Abuse posting, the Brentwood Police Department would like to provide some clarifications and statements:

• The use of social media can be a tremendous law enforcement tool. It can assist with the identification of victims and suspects in a criminal investigation especially when traditional investigative tools have been exhausted. It can also provide important information in a quick and efficient manner. Unfortu...nately, social media can also be detrimental with unfavorable comments and incorrect speculation as is the case here. • The Brentwood Police Department would like to commend the individuals who came forward with the information and photographs in question. It’s important to note that the full contents of any investigation will not be released to the public. This is to maintain the integrity of the investigation so that an opportunity can be provided for the best possible outcome in a court of law. The only reason why these photographs were released was to seek the public assistance in identification. • Also, we would like to mention that the individuals who reported this to the police were extremely thorough and diligent with their information and observations. Furthermore, they had legitimate reasons to not intervene. As far as license plate information, that may or may not have been provided. That information need not be supplied to the general public. Please bear in mind that some individuals will misuse registrations and license plates.

In closing, the Brentwood Police Department continues to encourage people who witness suspicious behavior and/or crimes to contact the police and to not get discouraged by unfavorable comments or inaccurate speculation on social media. Once again, we would like to thank the individuals who came forward with this information. We would not be able to do our job if not for your help.

Chief Ellen Arcieri Brentwood Police Department