Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission


Bob Stephens


Andy Laroche

Lise McNaugton

Jim Nishina

Brian Silva

Phyllis Thompson (Selectboard representative)

Robin Wrighton


Doug Cowie

Jody Kaufman

Meeting Times:

Second Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm in the Town Office

Contact Information:

603 642 6400 ext. 110

The Brentwood Conservation Commission was established at the March 1967 Town Meeting in accordance with New Hampshire RSA Title III, Chapter 36-A to assist in protecting the natural resources of the town. The Commission advises and makes recommendations for the protection, development and utilization of the local natural resources and open space.  The Conservation Commission serves as an advisory board to the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) as well as the NH Department of Environmental Services Wetlands Bureau (NH DES).

Conservation Commissions have two broad responsibilities. The first is to evaluate and make recommendations to the NH DES on permit applications to do work in or near wetlands in town. The second is to make recommendations to the Planning Board or ZBA on matters pertaining to wetlands or water-related zoning overlay districts and site plan reviews.

The Conservation Commission also, at the behest of the Brentwood Select Board, works with landowners in town to conserve wildlife habitat through conservation easement. The Town holds more than 20 conservation easements covering over 680 acres; other governmental, quasi-governmental and non-profit agencies, including the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, hold additional easements in town. Approximately 18% of the Town has been conserved through such easements and other conservation restrictions. The Commission is entrusted with oversight, annual monitoring, and enforcement of those conservation easements held by the Town.

In 2009, the Great Bay was declared impaired for too much nitrogen under the Federal Clean Water Act. To help address this issue, the Conservation Commission has launched Soak Up the Rain Brentwood. Soak Up the Rain is a voluntary program with the goal of protecting and restoring clean water in the Exeter River and ultimately the Great Bay estuary. The program is designed to help homeowners reduce the storm water runoff that carries pollutants into our local streams and rivers. Polluted storm water is a primary cause of the water pollution problems in New Hampshire.