Tax Rate for 2022

Town:     $ 4.29
County:  $ 0.86
School:  $15.73
State:     $ 1.27
Total:    $22.15
Equalization ratio: 72.4%

Property Taxes Online

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Credit cards (MC, VISA, Amer Express, Discover) are accepted as payments.

A debit card is processed as a credit card only if the card has a MC, VISA, Amer Express, Discover logo present.  Please note:  There are additional fees to cover the cost of the credit card convenience fees - 2.99% with a $2.50 minimum.  These fees go directly to our third party processor and are not retained by the Town.  Convenience fees cannot be refunded. 


Vital Records


Vital Records Reported in the Town Report: Any Brentwood resident who had a marriage, civil union, birth or death in 2018 in a state other than New Hampshire and would like the event published in the annual Town Report must send a letter of request along with a copy of the "official copy" of the event to the Town Clerk's office. Any Brentwood resident who had an event occur in NH and would prefer not to have the event published must send a letter to the Clerk's office requesting the event not be published in the Town Report.

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