Recreation Commission is seeking TWO members

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Posted Wed, Apr 12 at 03:58pm

RECREATION COMMISSION is seeking TWO members to fill open seats.

The Recreation Commission serves as an advisory board to the Recreation Director. The Commission shall recommend policies of operation and maintenance of all recreation in the Town, in accordance with the laws governing public recreation in the State of New Hampshire. While meeting these purposes, the Commission shall take into consideration the recommendations of and work closely with the Recreation Director. The Commission shall act as a sounding board for the Recreation Director. It shall advise the Director as a group, rather than as individuals. Commissioners shall deal officially with the Recreation staff only through the Director.

All programs will be evaluated periodically by the Commission to determine need and effectiveness. New programs shall be reviewed and approved by the Commission. All programs are operated exclusively under the direction of the Director. The Commission shall have a focus on volunteerism, in particular assisting with special events as needed.

It shall be the duty of each of the commissioners to take an active part in the direction of the Commission’s program and to act in whatever capacity he/she may be called; to be loyal in thought and deed to the welfare of recreation and to the community which it seeks to serve.

The Commission shall meet regularly on the fourth Wednesday of each calendar month unless such schedule is amended by vote of the Commission. Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or upon the request of two members. Meetings can also be changed due to holidays in certain months.

Recreation Commissioners shall be appointed and must be approved by the Selectboard to serve on one or three-year terms (or the unexpired portion of a term, in the case of resignation/removal). All commissioners must be a resident of Brentwood to be on the board.

Please complete a statement of interest by May 11, 2023. Completed forms should be returned to Karen Clement at


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