LAST CALL for Volunteers: Energy & Efficiency Advisory Committee

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Posted Wed, Oct 12 at 11:05am

Residents of Brentwood who are interested in serving on the Energy & Efficiency Advisory Committee should complete an application stating their interest in serving and applicable background information. Applications should be submitted to Karen Clement at or delivered to the Town Office located at 1 Dalton Road. Application deadline is October 16, 2022 and will be discussed at the October 18, 2022 Selectboard meeting. 


PURPOSE: To advise the Town of Brentwood Select Board and other committees and boards on best practices related to energy and efficiency.


  • Research potential remedies for the impacts high electricity and energy costs are having on residents, businesses, and town offices
    • Research the recent decision of the NH Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to approve the Community Power rules to determine potential benefits to the Town
    • Conduct research on the Community Power Coalition of NH to determine the pros and cons of membership
  • Review methods to reduce town energy consumption (electric, natural gas, fuel consumption, fossil fuel consumption)
  • Collect educational materials regarding ways to save money on electric and energy bills, reducing electricity usage, and submitting those materials to the Selectboard for approval and consideration for use on the town website and social media page
  • Research and education on various tax incentives available to residents that involve alternative energies for home/business
  • Review any available state and federal programs and grants to provide for the promotion of alternative energy
  • Evaluation of annual energy-related legislation being proposed in the state legislature and report to the Selectboard on implications for the Town and its residents
  • Periodic updates to the Town and Selectboard regarding energy related programs, initiatives available grants, etc.

MEMBERSHIP: Seven (7) residents interested in energy and environment issues.

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