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Posted Dec 15, 2022

Sign ups for town/school offices will be from Jan 25-Feb 3.

FILING DATES FOR TOWN & SCHOOL OFFICES The Town and School District governing bodies need citizens who are willing to file for and serve in various positions. Those who intend to file for office, or are thinking about it, need to know that the 10-day filing period begins on Wednesday, January 25 , 2023 and ends on Friday, February 3, 2023 at 5:00 pm.

To file for Town Office: Candidates must file with Town Clerk Daphne Woss during regular office hours. The following positions are open:

Board of Selectmen 2 for 3 years

Cemetery Trustees 1 for 3 years

Library Trustees 2 for 3 years

Municipal Budget Committee 1 for 3 years

Planning Board 2 for 3 years

Trustee of the Trust Funds 1 for 3 years

Note: Open positions do not imply that the incumbents are leaving; it simply means their terms are up, and they must stand for re-election.

To File for School Office: Candidates must file during the same ten day period. Brentwood School District Officers may file with School Clerk Daphne Woss; filing may be done at the town clerk office during regular office hours.

Brentwood School District Officers:

School Board 2 for 3 years

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