Cemetery lots are available in Tonry Cemetery for Brentwood residents and their families.

Tonry Cemetery is the only ACTIVE MUNICIPAL Cemetery in Brentwood NH.

Price per lot: $416.59. ($200 for the Right to Inter, $200 for maintenance fees                       and $16.59 filing fee).

To purchase a lot or to schedule an on-site visit to view available burial lots, 

please contact Superintendent of Cemeteries, Joyce Keegal.

Scheduled Meeting Times

1st Thursday of the Month at the Brentwood Town Office @ 5:00 p.m.

The next Cemetery Trustee meeting is Thursday, June 1, 2023, at 5 pm 

at the Brentwood Town Office, Sanborn Room.

The public is welcome. 


David Menter 

Justin Kane

James Hajjar

Wayne Almon, Alternate

Albert Belanger, Alternate

Superintendent Of Cemeteries

Joyce Keegal Phone: (603) 502-8143

Text: (603) 777-6178 

Email: bwoodnhcem@gmail.com