Parks & Recreation Activities


Wicked Cool Science  

July 9th - 13th (half day) *Full day available if enough interest 

Entering grades K-5 

Fee: $190 

These kid-approved top-10 STEAM experiments are sure to be a hit with any junior scientist! Grow giant glowing cubes, create crazy chemical reactions, make glow sticks glow brighter and delight your friends with magic fish. Make a DNA necklace with real DNA and harness the power of the sun! Kids get a lab coat and safety glasses to wear all week and take home too! 

Deep Blue Sea

August 6th - 10th (half day) *Full day available if enough interest 

Entering grades K-5

Fee: $190 

NEW! If you've ever wanted to be a marine biologist or an oceanographer, come take the plunge into Deep Blue Sea! Create models of ocean invertebrate and a dazzling coral garden. Dive deep with dolphins and find out about fish that bioluminesce (emit light). Tame the tides and ride the waves in this wicked cool oceanic adventure and grow your own cryptobiotic Sea Monkeys to take home.